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Studies show that Americans’ least favorite consumer activity is car shopping.  So, there is no surprise that more and more alternatives to the traditional car dealership have popped up in recent years.

Whether or not avoiding the car lot is a smart choice from a buyer’s perspective is debatable, but if you're looking to make car shopping less dreadful, the solution is our FREE auto buying service for all federal, federal contract, state and local government employees.

-  Haggle-Free and Hassle-Free Auto Buying
-  Find the New or Used Vehicle of your Choice
-  Get the Most Value When you Shop your Trade
-  Save Time and Money
Many dread the complicated process of negotiating and purchasing a vehicle. That’s why Auto Buying Alternatives exist, to help people buy cars without having to ever step foot onto a lot. We do the work of saving you time and thousands of dollars.

There is no need for you to leave your home or workplace, if you prefer we will bring the vehicle of interest to you. Once you have agreed on a vehicle and price we will arrange for all necessary paperwork to be completed at the dealership, credit union, your home or your workplace.  It's that simple!

Special arrangements and pricing have been negotiated for shoppers choosing to utilize this service through a Toyota, Nissan, Ford, as well as a Lincoln dealership. Click here to view participating dealerships and inventory.